What it’s all about

In November 2005 I started a new job building a Gas Plant in Ferrol in Spain. Well, not so much building it, as trying to get the client to pay for it and then to stop the subcontractors taking what money we had been given. I did my best to get home to England as frequently as possible to see my children and the Boro (not always in that order) but the awkwardness of the flight times meant that I usually had a couple of spare weekends in Spain each month. So what to do? I thought that I would try and see as much sport as I could, mainly football, but if I could get to see anything else, like boxing or bullfighting, then I would take the opportunity.

 Over the following fourteen months I travelled around as much as I could, watching games that ranged in standard from international matches with world class players to local league games where the players wore odd socks. I visited, and got lost in, parts of the country that if I hadn’t been seeking out a match, I would never have had any reason to travel to.

 I was curious to see both the differences and the similarities to how it is in the UK, from the style of game, to the fans, the policing and even what you could eat and drink at half time. I took pictures and made notes and began developing those notes into match reports to share the information with anyone who may be interested. I’ve been back a couple of times since and this has enabled me to update the blog with new stuff.

 Hopefully you will find it informative or entertaining. Failing that, then you could always look at the pictures. Some of the ones that other people took aren’t too bad.


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